Q. Can I get a refund for my tax, when I scrap my car?
A. Yes we will supply the relevant forms to do this.

Q. Do you issue a certificate of distruction?
Yes, these are issued upon request via DVLA.

Q. Will I get a quote for my car?
A. Yes, we will give you a quote over the phone or by email.

Q. I've lost my keys!  Will you still be able to pick my car up?
A. Yes thats not a problem. We are well trained and equipped to deal with this kind of problem.

Q. How will I recieve my payment?
A. You will recieve your payment in cash on collection.

Q. What do I need to do with the logbook (V5)?
A. We will stamp section 9 of the V5 for you to send to DVLA.

Q. Do I need the logbook?
A. No we can give you a collection receipt, so can you can inform DVLA of the sale.

Q. My car has stood for a while and wont move, can you still collect?
A. Yes we have all types of recovery vehicles to deal with this situation.

Q. Why choose us?
A. We are a family run business that can take care of all your worries when scrapping your vehicle the legal way.We offer a fast and friendly collection service to suit you. We wont be beaten on price.


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